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Graduation Summer Camps 2017
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Graduation Summer Camps 2017

Graduation Summer Camps 2017

July 10-14 and August 14-18

9am – 4pm each day

$225, bbm and family discounts apply

Enjoy an active week of marital arts training at our Summer Graduation Camps 2017. 

Bring your uniform, snacks and lunch each day.  Pizza Party on Friday!!

On Friday we will be testing students to see if they qualify for their next TWO stripes.

Graduation Summer Camps 2017 start off Monday morning at 9am.  Instructors will make a detailed list of what each child’s goals will be for the week and also what material they need to cover to reach their goals.  Each day will involve alternating 45 minute training sessions with fun game breaks.  Students should pack morning and afternoon snacks in addition to their lunch.  We encourage you to keep both lunches and snacks nut free for the safety of all attending.  Graduation Summer Camps 2017 are a great chance for students to bond with other members of the school and build or enhance friendships.

*** Parents be prepared.  After a full day of camp your child may be EXHAUSTED and prefer to get to bed early (every parents dream).

On Friday of our Graduation Summer Camps 2017, the instructors will put the group through a grading test to see how well they know the material for their belt level.   With effort and focus each student has the potential to earn their next TWO stripes.  We try our best to make this judgment on a per student basis and not compare one child to another.  Please remember that each child is participating in the martial arts for a different reason and has a different level of ability.  It is our job to bring out the best in each child and help them reach their goals.

Remember to reserve your spot for Graduation Summer Camps 2017 with payment in advance.  Camps fill up quickly and space is limited.

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